Tired of Spinning your wheels?

Every felt like a hamster on a treadmill, spinning your wheels, running hard, but going nowhere in God. Another day, another dollar, and the weeks turn into months, years, and suddenly you wake up really tired, looking back on a season of your life where you worked hard, but seems like you went no where?
Ah, that bone-weary, poured out, cored out hollowness, where you wake up tired, and with resignation, put one foot in front of another, to make it through another day…How well I know that reality…

If you want a change, you gotta make a change, and here are two changes you must make, if you want to see anything of eternal consequence accomplished with your life.
1. Establish your morning prayer watch before the Lord – Seek ye FIRST is still in the book.
obey seek first
2. Learn to be led by Holy Spirit, and to OBEY Him, implicitly. Admittedly, this is more art, than engineering, for Jesus desires relationship, daily. He really does love us, and promises us life, love and joy in the journey.
Spirit led1

Sometimes, you gotta slow down to speed up…

Here are some articles I wrote on actually hearing the voice of God. The articles themselves are well written and researched, but mean nothing, unless YOU actually meet with Jesus as you read them.

When you do, you step outta the box, off the treadmill, and start living the life you were born to live, making headlines in heaven, creating eternal impact – IN THIS LIFE!

In this you will discover eternal purpose, and regain your passion for life again, for Jesus clearly promises LIFE, and life more abundantly.

If you do not know Him yet, or have quietly walked away, remember why He came:
gospel rose

Then, I wrote these articles, and different Biblical ways that God actually speaks to us:





Vision – Testimony https://chrisaomministries.wordpress.com/2014/11/06/seven-that-ways-god-speaks-to-you-part-5/



I am praying for you, now let’s pray together!

Lets pray

‘Father God, please speak to me today, and show me your highest and best for my life. Show me the steps I need to begin to take to get there, and give me the courage and strength to begin to take them. Help me to lay aside distractions and time wasters, to carve out time for You, Your Word, Your kingdom, and the fulness of Your purpose. I ask, knowing I am heard and answered, for I ask in Your name Lord Jesus. Amen’


The Wilderness of Sin

The Wilderness of Sin

Are you living in the wilderness of Sin?
Num 33:11 And they removed from the Red sea, and encamped in the wilderness of Sin.
Sin, brings separation from God: Like a desert is a dry and weary place because there is no water, so our lives, become dry, meaningless, and void of purpose, passion, and power, when we find ourselves in the wilderness of Sin. Weariness, that no amount of sleep, recreation, internet, travel or hobbies will refresh. That emptiness that cries out in the midnight hour: ‘Is this all there is?
There must be more to this life!”
There is more!
His name is Jesus, King of all Kings, and Lord of all Lords! The rock of our salvation!
Isa 32:2 And a man shall be as an hiding place from the wind, and a covert from the tempest; as rivers of water in a dry place, as the shadow of a great rock in a weary land.
First, you must come to Him, the eternal rock, and discover how you too, can become a rock of stability for others in this hurting world.
What is your pet sin? Sure it gave you pleasure for a season, they all do. Yet, the season ends and you find yourself alone, devoid of the life of God, with only one safe place left to go. The cross, the place where God became sin, that we could find mercy.
Number 33:12 And they took their journey out of the wilderness of Sin,
When you are ready to leave the wilderness, come on home to Jesus, and find life, love, and purpose again.
Let’s pray:
‘Father, I’m tired of playing with sin. It is time to leave it, today. So I come to you Lord Jesus, and give you my heart, my pain, my filth, and ask you to forgive me, and cleanse me of my mess. I choose You, Lord. I place You in charge of my life, and choose YOU, Your way. Lead me Lord, and show me how to walk with You, and follow Your lead, today, and every day Lord Jesus, Amen’