Patriotism is not enough! We must have Jesus!

I read this testimony and had to post it here!


“Greater love hath no man that this, that a man lay down his life for his friends” (John 15:13).

“When we were enemies, we were reconciled to God by the death of his Son” (Romans 5:10).

When nations are engaged in deadly strife, it is common for patriots to declare that he who gives his life for defense of his country may be certain of a home in heaven because of having made the supreme sacrifice. This teaching is in accord with the principles of the Moslem religion and not with true Christianity. Mahomet promised his fanatical followers a place in Paradise if they died for the faith in conflict with the “infidels” who rejected his teachings. Patriotism is a virtue of which any man may well be proud.

But patriotism, praiseworthy as it is from the human standpoint, will never fit the soul for the presence of God. It can never wash away the guilt of sin. The testimony of Edith Cavell, the brave British nurse who was killed by the Germans during the former world war, is well worth considering in this connection.


This noble woman was born in Swardeston, Norfold, on December 4, 1865. She entered the London Hospital for nurses’ training in 1895. In 1907 she was appointed first matron of the Berkendael Medical Institute at Brussels, Belgium. This became the Red Cross Hospital in Belgium at the outbreak of the conflict in 1914. From August of that year, until August, 1915, Nurse Cavell helped to care for wounded French, Belgian, English and German soldiers alike. She ministered faithfully even to those who had fallen while fighting against her own nation. Naturally, her sympathies were with the Allies, and in cooperation with the efforts of Prince Reginald de Croy, she aided many derelict English and French soldiers who had fled from the Germans. These escaped by “underground” methods to the Dutch frontier, where, with the aid of guides, they were conveyed across to Britain. When some of these fugitives were traced to her house in Brussels, she was immediately arrested and after a court-martial was sentenced to face a firing-squad. All her kindness to the German wounded was forgotten. Her captors considered her a spy and treated her accordingly.

Just before the bandage was placed over her eyes, as she stood fearlessly facing the solders who were about to take her life, she gave a last message to the world. “I am glad,” she said, “to die for my country. But as I stand here I realize as never before that patriotism is not enough.” Then she went on to give a clear, definite testimony to her personal faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and her assurance of salvation, not through laying down her life for others, but because He laid down His life for her. In perfect composure, she submitted to the bandaging of her eyes and, in a few moments fell, pierced by many German bullets.

Her words, “Patriotism is not enough!” have spoken loudly to many in the years that have gone since she died a martyr to her convictions.

“What more is needed?” you may ask. The answer is “Christ!” It is through faith in Him alone that the soul is saved and heaven assured.

H.A. Ironside, Illustrations of Bible Truth, Moody Press, 1945, pp. 60-61.

Here in America, I see tremendous love for this country exhibited, but this, alone will not be enough to save this country!

This nation was founded upon the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ!


Jesus has indeed risen from the dead, and He is alive!

Here, as I have tossed and turned upon my bed, I find myself at 3 Am, writing, because His Word is a fire shut up in my bones!

Jesus alone is the answer for America, there is no plan B from heaven, no secondary hope. He is the only way!

It is time to cry out again to heaven for His plan, His call, His fire, His destiny for your life, no compromise.

There is no more time for side tracks, we must be in His face, now!

Let’s pray:

‘Father, You alone are the answer for this sin-sick, messed up world. Burn in me, infuse in me, fresh fire! Blaze through me your passion, purpose, and power that this world might see again that You are alive, active, and Lord over the affairs of men. It has been said, that desperate times call for desperate actions! This is my cry, show me what I must do, my cross, my place to stand for You, and then use me for Your glory! Jesus, I know I am heard, for I have asked this in Your name, Amen’