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Fall Newsletter – AOMMinistries

Greetings to all, as we update you on this current chapter in the Walsh family saga!

Mucho life change! We now actually live in Tulsa again, instead of temporarily with the precious Lyons family, and in motels and our Jeep as we traveled.

We were able to rent a duplex close to Oral Roberts University where I attend seminary full-time, and work part time with Rembrandt homes. This first semester has been very challenging, learning the ORU educational process, and yes actually cracking the books, hard. Never thought assignments, tests and papers could be so much work.

Karen and the children are really busy too. Jedidiah now plays keyboards and drums on two worship teams, and Keila has decided to help out with kids ministry at Harvest Church. Karen is busy homeschooling and running the children to the various lessons and homeschool commitments each week, while I work and attend school.
No small scheduling task with only our faithful Jeep for transportation, but it’s only impossible, til its done.

After all we have seen in how most of the world lives each day, I am so grateful for good food, our own place, and transportation at all.

Last weekend we had the privilege of attending ‘Anna Call’ in Tahlequah, and spending the needed broken hearted hours on our faces chewing grass, pleading with God yet again, to have mercy on the United States.
Seems there are lots of people talking politics as this presidential election is upon us, but how many are actually, fervently praying?

Please continue to pray for us as this season is upon us. GRACE, GRACE, GRACE!

I cannot thank you enough for all of your help in supplying stuff to move in with after all of our furniture was taken or destroyed.

All we need now is a TV or TV repairman, bicycles, and TIRES on our Jeep.

The ones on there have been patched, plugged, and rotated, but God, we need a new set of shoes for that Jeep!

Here’s what we are doing in ministry:

1.Praying for and supporting weekly Grace Child Development center. There are still nine precious children living in a tin hut in Pastor Johnson’s home, that urgently need a home! They have the land and permit, but it will cost $3000.00 to build.

  1. We are helping build a bath house for Crossroads Ranch Bed and Breakfast for Mike and Dove Schmidt. Need electrical put in, and then finished out. Could use a couple volunteers with finish carpentry skills for this one.
  2. The blog – still cranking it out, reaching the world for Jesus on social media. When I do a blog post, it goes out to at least 130,000 people, and God takes it places I am unable to go personally.
  3. New book – Leadership in the River – It’s written, but could use help in design, graphics, publication and most importantly marketing. As God gives me time, I work on editing it It will be a valuable ministry resource for Christian leaders after it is complete.

    5. Fifth Wheel – another friend has graciously donated to us a 5th wheel. It needs some work, and a truck to haul it.img_2427img_2428-1
    I see incredible possibilities for this unit, as we plan various missions trips in upcoming months.

    If you are able to help us this season, we remain faithful and obedient to the call, good ground to sow into.

House and Provision Needed – Please pray, please help!


These precious people are the ones I have accepted as my elders and pastors in native ministry. Last month, we were scheduled to meet in Page, Arizona, but their house burned down, and the motor blew in my jeep. Yes, Virginia, there is a devil, and there is such a thing as spiritual warfare.

Kenny has served as the chief of the Cree nation, on the Canadian Senate, translated the New Testament into the Cree language for his people, and led the incredible ‘Forgiven’ summit, (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Z_7oUyq80s) that I believe, saved my home country Canada from great peril.

He has been awarded the Queens medal (Canadian equivalent of being knighted) for his work of reconciliation and healing among the host peoples of Canada and the Canadian government.

Their house burned to the ground, and they lost everything. Louise has been having repetitive dreams, that God will give them a white house.

These leaders are pivotal in the great move of the Holy Spirit that will restore America, working with First Nations Leaders

Please help make it happen. These are some of those of whom the world is not worthy, making headlines in heaven with their lives….https://www.youcaring.com/kenny-and-louise-blacksmith-359180/donate#pp