One Life!

The Power of One Life!
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Rom 14:12 So then every one of us shall give account of himself to God.

No one can hinder my walk with God.

No one can hinder your relationship with Jesus either.

Sure they can persecute, oppress, oppose, mock, scorn, disdain us, but somewhere in the day, He will make sure that I get to tell Him about it, and I can pour myself at His feet, a living sacrifice.

Others may misunderstand, but He never does.

He understands not only what we do, but why, the deepest motives of our hearts, and it is to Him, and Him alone, one day, each of us will give an account.

For those of us, radically in love with Him, determined to obey Him, daily, this thought brings great comfort, allowing us to endure the days, the weeks, the months, of challenging circumstances, and misunderstandings, for the joy set before us! For others, this should be grounds for Godly fear, and deep introspection, repentance….

Live each day, passionately in love with Him, determined to obey, and there is only joy set before us, and eternal reward…One day at a time!
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Let’s Pray:
“Father, I love you. Jesus, I love you! Today, I will live for you, in obedience to your Word, and the promptings, and directions of you Holy Spirit! Where I have gone my own way, forgive me, and help me to live and love for you, eternal life, now, in this world, in this place, Amen”

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I remember the death of my mother and father, after months and years of anguished prayer for their healing. I was devastated, feeling betrayed by God, and went numb inside.

I just gave up on my passionate pursuit of God. Still attended church, and fellow-shipped with friends, but felt like a spectator, totally dis-attached from any feelings. Numb. Then, I was invited to a healing circle with a group of Inuit women.

Felt really out of place, being the only man there, but they were elders in their community, and I was a spiritual leader there, so out of respect for them, I went. We sat in a circle in a classroom in an Inuit school, and someone had brought a boom box, and put on a worship CD from Benny Hinn. We all held hands, and began to pray in tongues, to see what Holy Spirit had in mind for that meeting. One of the elders began to gently weep, then sob, then spoke in Inuk-tutu, that they needed to pray for me, for my broken heart, my ministry.

Someone translated, and I allowed them to gather around me, and began to pray. Gently, they laid hands upon my shoulders, and began to weep, then sob, then groan and wail with an intensity that was pretty freaky at first. Still, I was like a spectator at the event, totally detached from the proceedings. Then as the intensity of their prayer reached a level I had never seen before, the Holy Spirit touched me, and a dam broke over my heart, and a savage river of God’s love and comfort rushed into me, and I began to shake, then sob, then fell on the floor weeping and wailing as God removed mountains of grief, and anger, and stress, and frustration, and misunderstanding from my heart, bringing His comfort, peace, and life to my heart. I knew that I didn’t understand yet, but that I would, and He would explain, and that my calling and election were sure. I walked with these elders for five years of my life, where the deep waters of Gods Spirit live, and miracles are as conman as breathing. Now, it is my turn to groan, weep and wail, for I see again the depth of pain that comes from grief. And so we bear one another’s burdens, so fulfilling the law of Christ.

Let’s Pray:

‘Father, for those who are where I was at, numb from the brutality of trauma, loss, and life, may You meet them in power, in a savage breakthrough of Your love. Just as You raised Jesus from the dead in power, reach into the tomb of where they are, and raise them again into life, love, and passion again. I ask, because You did it for me, and I know I am heard, for I ask in Your name Lord Jesus.’ Amen.

Where Do Ghosts Come From?


Ghosts and familiar spirits – Demons don’t die, so when a person dies, the demons that have been oppressing them or oppressing them, remain here in the earth. Because they knew the ancestor intimately, they were ‘familiar’ with them, and they disclose knowledge, only the deceased person could have known, supernaturally. This is where we ‘see ghosts’ or have ghosts appear to us in dreams, as past loved ones. This is why ghosts can stay in certain families, for they seek to propagate a generational curse upon that family line. All these curses can be broken through the power of Jesus blood, when we renounce ancestor worship, and receive the life of God.


Ancestors that have died, are gone, either to heaven or hell. The best way to honor them, is to serve Jesus in this generation, the only true path to our heavenly Father, the Great Spirit, our Creator. He forbids worship or seeking of familiar spirits, the ghosts of the past, and would have us seek Him, the Creator of all Life, today.

Leviticus 20:27
A man also or woman that hath a familiar spirit, or that is a wizard, shall surely be put to death: they shall stone them with stones: their blood shall be upon them.

As I read Napoleon Hill’s classic, Think and Grow Rich, I saw where Napoleon received much of his ‘leadership’ principals. He claimed to go into an empty room, and ‘invite’ the spirits of great deceased world leaders into the room around a table, and he would ask them questions. They would come, and I am convinced these ‘spirits’ were none other than ‘familiar’ demon spirits, devils that had operated in times past through the very people they now represented at that table. His leadership principals are pretty good though, I wrote an article on them, analyzing them Biblically:

God hates this practice, and expressly forbids it in His word. Just because we receive knowledge supernaturally, does not make it from God –

Ye cannot drink the cup of the Lord, and the cup of devils: ye cannot be partakers of the Lord’s table, and of the table of devils
God commands us to stop messing around with demons.
Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you.
There are many good books on exposing how these demon spirits work, the one I like the most is ‘The Bondage Breaker’ by Dr. Neil Andersen.
Depart ye, depart ye, go ye out from thence, touch no unclean thing; go ye out of the midst of her; be ye clean, that bear the vessels of the Lord
Just because someone is in ministry, and operating supernaturally, does not mean they are receiving ONLY from the Lord. I have seen ministers that are ‘in the Lord’ at one moment, then operating demonically the next.
Peter did it, and he walked in the very presence of Jesus on the earth! (Matt 16)
familiar spirits
I am not going to write a long article on this, there are many great books already written. Contact me if you would like a reading list.
Let’s pray:
‘Father, Jesus said I would hear His voice, and that You would direct my life supernaturally by Your Word and the Holy Spirit. In every area that I have received or am listening to demons, instead of you, please reveal it, so I can repent. Please forgive me, and my family for ancestral worship, and allowing demonic spirits into our geneology. I receive Your forgiveness, and plead the blood of Jesus over my family. By faith, I renounce every devil operating there, and command it to go. By faith, I break every generational curse upon our bloodline, and declare the Jesus has redeemed us from the curse. By faith, I loose the blessing of God into my family, and declare that as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord, and Him only. I ask and declare these things, knowing I am heard and answered, for I ask in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.


The Pig Pen or the Big Pen?

The Prodigal Son: Pig Pen, or the Big Pen?

prodigal pigs
I remember when we first started our church up in Ottawa, we had no place to meet, so we met in a football change house in Debra Dynes community. At the time, Debra Dynes, was one of the illicit drug capitals of the city, and as we would leave our little Bible studies, there would be gang bangers hanging around smoking dope, high as a kite, and initially, they nick named me ‘Preach’.
“ Hey Preach, they would taunt, what’s the Word of the day?”
My wife, who had never been involved in the drug scene, would encourage me to walk away from these mockers, but I would always stop, get in the midst of the 30 or so tweaking and bouncing freaks, and preach to them the love of Jesus.
This went on for awhile, so they changed my nickname from ‘Preach’ to ‘Jesus’, and it got kind of comical hearing them, ‘Hey Jesus! What’s the Word of the Day?’

word of the day
They thought they were pretty smart, laughing at me in my suit with my Bible. I remember one bold gang member trying to put a joint to my lips saying: ‘Here preach, take a hit, looks like you had a pretty tough week.” I saw in this teen actual compassion, he was so messed up, he thought he was seriously trying to help me!
One night, I felt the Holy Spirit come upon me, and I proclaimed: ‘Hey guys, I got a word for you, straight outta the good Book’
At that time, one of my friends who served as the prison chaplain, was on a six week sabbatical, and had asked me to cover services for him in the youth detention block of the local prison. I spent a most of the day each Thursday going from cell block to cell block holding a series of youth services, preaching, praying, and referring for counseling the youth that had been arrested that week.
As these gangsters were cutting up and trying to blow dope smoke in my face, I read them the story of the prodical son. Made it plain: How the young man in the story couldn’t wait until his dad died to get his inheiratance, but wanted his money now. Basically saying to his dad, ‘I wish you were dead’, and his wise, and heartbroken father, actually gave him his money, and the boy went on a spending spree of wine, women and song. Yet, the money ran out, and there came a recession in the country, and his so called friends all left him high and dry. The only thing the boy knew was farming, so he got himself a job slopping hogs, working on a pig farm,that paid so little, that he was so hungry he thought about eating the pig slop. Finally, the young man came to himself in the pig pen, and realized that even the hired hands at his fathers ranch were paid better, and treated better, and then he realized he had sinned against God and his father. He decided that if he was going to have to work for someone, that his father was a better boss than this pig farmer, and he decided to go home. His father saw him coming,


and ran out to meet him, and he said ‘Father, I have sinned against God and you, please hire me as a servant in your house.” Yet, the boy had no idea how much his father loved him, and his father brought the best robe, shoes, and placed the family ring again on his finger, and said, ‘My son who was dead,prodigal father is now alive, he has come home’ and he killed the fatted calfand threw a big party for him.
It had gotten quiet in that circle for a minute, and I looked these hardened criminals in the eyes and said: ‘Boys, God loves you, and you have a Father in heaven that has a wonderful plan for your life. He wants you to come home. Though you may not see it yet, right now, you are in the pig pen, partying, thinking there are no consequences for your actions. Tonight, I pray you listen to me, and give your life to Jesus, but if you do not, know this: Every Thursday this summer, I will be holding services in the youth detention block of the jail, if you will not hear me here, in the pig pen, maybe you will listen to me downtown, in the big pen.’
Uproarious laughter! To their drug induced minds, this was the funniest story they ever heard!
“Give me five preach! Pig pen or Big Pen!, preach got lines!” they said, thinking I was joking.
Yet, one week later, I guess narcotics officers raided one of their crack houses, and when I went in to the prison, there they all were, looking like lost puppies, heads hung low, broken.
So, I laughed and said:
“Come on boys, to chapel. I still have good news for you. God still loves you, and Jesus is still the way out of this place. You wouldn’t listen to me in the pig pen, and here we are together, in the big pen.’
To the glory of God, all of those boys accepted Jesus that day, and many were set free of addictions, healed in their bodies, and some were filled with the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in other tongues.’
Over the next year or so, I was able to work with their families, foster care, the chaplain and the courts, to get many of these help they desperately needed to make a clean break with a life of crime. To God be the glory!
Let’s Pray:
‘Father, help me to be unafraid of reaching out in love to people that look scary, or who are obviously criminals. Give me special faith, to love them in the midst of their mess, out of the pig pen, big pen, and back into your house of grace, honor, and mercy. Show them your love, power, and plan for their lives, in your name I pray Lord Jesus, Amen’